Casual Day Dress Code

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Found this interesting post on a online magazine that they demonstrate on ordinary lifestyle of people.

Check out how real modelling of people for their daily life.


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Pony Tail_2

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more demonstrate by pretty ladies

 Jeon Ji Hyun cuteness & fuller hair volume with the help of ceramic iron

 Kenix Kwok Ho Ying (who says pony tail hairstyle can not be gorgeous & sexy at the same time)

 (unknown, just found that she looks so cute yet not losing her charming)

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Pony Tail_1

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Didn’t know what to do with your long hair but then it look simply too boring to put it down.

Try to tie it up as pony tail to give a quick & different look….

Demostrate by various beautiful stars with pony tail on different occasion.

Try these style & don’t forget to add some details like hair accessories to increase the sweetness & charm.

 Lin Zhi Ling, clean & yet modern look that shows the confident & sexy look

 Liu Yi Fei,

 Vivian, sweet & pure & innocent as ever

 Angela, fringe makes so much different that give the pony tail hairstyle a different look

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Curly hair maintain_5

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Curl Maintenance
Maintaining luscious curls is no easy task.

Varying climates, temperatures, activities, stress levels, etc. can all affect the appearance of your curly hair. Let’s face it…curly hair is temperamental.

Over conditioning and product build up can weigh down the hair, rendering it lifeless.

What’s the key? A regular hair care regime (including diet, exercise, and vitamins), proper upkeep, and the right products.

Curl Maintenance Tips:
Nothing is more unattractive then sparse, stringy ends, especially on girls/women with curly hair.

Regular trims should be a part of your hair care regimen.

Curly hair should be trimmed at least every 3 months.

Don’t just trust anyone with your gorgeous locks. Ensure that your stylist is familiar with styling and cutting curly hair.

Heat things up a bit! Give yourself a deep treatment once a month.

Harsh temperatures contribute to dry, brittle hair. Counter it with a little heat. The heat opens up the inner cortex and penetrates the hair shaft. The conditioning oil strengthens the hair shaft and lubricates dry, itchy scalps. When you rinse out the oil, the shaft closes and locks in moisture.

A must for curly hair!

Give your hair a break! Refresh your dry, unmanageable curls with a touch of essential oils. Pomegranate, avocado, jojoba, coconut, and olive oil are great moisturizers. Shampoo and condition hair. Apply oil of your choice.

Gently comb oils through hair. Fine hair – use less oil, to your liking. Medium/coarse hair – use more oil, to your liking.

Wear hair in protective style (e.g. bun) for 24 hours or less depending on result. You will find that your curls are soft, revived, and more manageable your next shampoo!

CAUTION: Avoid products that contain mineral and/or petrolatum oil as an ingredient. Do not use products with these ingredients for your curly hair or scalp. Both of these synthetic oils coat and suffocate the hair shaft blocking moisture out. Further, they clog pores in your scalp and can retard hair growth. Read your labels.

Remember, the ingredients are listed in order of volume.

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Curly hair maintain_4

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How to Properly Condition Curly Hair:
After completely rinsing shampoo out of your hair, apply a generous amount of conditioner into the palm of your hands.
Start at the middle of your hair (not at the roots) and work your way down to the ends. Comb conditioner completely through the hair.
Apply an additional helping of conditioner to the hair’s ends, as they are the most dry and porous.
Allow the conditioner to penetrate. Rinse well.
Additional Conditioning Tips:
Add an extra helping of your favorite natural oil (sweet almond, coconut, or jojoba).
Mix well.
Apply a nice coat of your conditioner concoction to your hair, comb through.
Cover with plastic cap.
Allow conditioner to penetrate during your shower time. Rinse.
For Thicker curly hair types:
Do not rinse out completely.
Leave a slight film of conditioner in your hair.
This portable invention allows you to do chores, check email, etc. while conditioning at the same time.
You no longer have to sit under a hot hard hood dryer, or go to a salon for a deep treatment…do it yourself for a fraction of the cost!
Deep condition your curly hair at least once a month. Comb a coat of conditioner
through your locks. Cover with plastic cap.
Use a daily leave in treatment to protect the hair from environmental elements. This helps prevent the hair from drying out from season to season.

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Curly hair maintain_3

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What if…….????

Curly hair becomes too dry and frizzy if shampooed too often, as this robs your hair and scalp of its natural oils.

Always use a moisturizing shampoo to help hydrate your scalp.

Tip for getting through your “shampoo-less” days.

  • Rinse hair with warm water, apply conditioner, and rinse well. This will give you a clean start and provide added conditioning and moisture without stripping away protective oils.

Conditioning your curly hair is one of the most important steps in your hair care regime. Curly hair is dry by nature and requires moisture. Continue to pump moisture, moisture, moisture back into your curly hair.

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Curly hair maintain_2

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Beside daily moisturing the hair with good moisturer, its best that what choose to use as a washing agent need to be able to clean & cares for the hairs at the same time.

To Shampoo:
Some girls with curly hairs will shampoo thier hair, and others choose to skip shampooing and opt for conditioning rinses only.

Shampooing curly hair weekly isn’t a necessity, curly girls can use a conditioner to effectively rinse away excess dirt and oil. However, it is recommended that you shampoo curly hair at least once a month, 2-3x is optimal. (pls consult your stylist for better result)

Avoid using shampoos that strip your curly hair of essential elements, leaving your hair feeling dry and unmanageable.

How to Properly Shampoo Curly Hair:

Rinse hair and scalp using warm water (never hot water, as it can dry out the hair and scalp). Apply a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand, rub together and evenly coat the scalp.

Massage gently with your fingertips. Rinse thoroughly.

Repeat only if your scalp is oily or if you have a build up of products on the hair.

Additional Shampooing Tips:
Before shampooing curly hair, comb a coat of conditioner evenly throughout your tresses. (A long lock or ringlet of hair)

Rinse it well. This extra step will add extra conditioning before you shampoo.

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Curly hair maintain_1

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In-order to have that long & beautiful curly hair, not only does the technique & chemicals used to perform the perm will determine the result, but the daily maintainace would greatly affect the look & curl of the hair.  

Naturally curly hair needs moisture (not grease or drying alcohol – there is a difference in drying and fatty alcohols) to restore its natural luster, beauty, and healthy state.

Unfortunately, most ethnic products contain cheap oils that coat and weigh curly hair down. Non-ethnic products contain drying ingredients that rob curly hair it of its natural sheen. You should find product that does not contain any cheap oils or drying ingredients .

Try looking for moisturer that contain quality ingredients, such as aloe leaf juice, mango, shea and murmur butter, jojoba, avocado and coconut oil, ingredient.

Daily moisturing the hair after wash ,guarantee to put the bounce back into your curly hair!

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Know more about your nail (6)-How long should manicure last?

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How long should your manicure last?

Experts say one to 2 weeks. A pedicure should last 2 to 4 weeks.

Additional expert tips:

1. Want to ensure your nails are the right shape? Line each finger up with its opposite, cuticle-to-cuticle.

2. Fingers stained from nicotine, berries or too dark polish? Take a whitening toothpaste & brush away the stains.

3. Two thin coats are better than one thick coat. You’ll find it dries faster.

To file or not to file?
The corner of your nails should never be filed.
Why? Filing the corners of your nails will weaken the nail and you will find that they will break more easily as a result.

Nails may be craving something?
If your nails are weak, splitting, fragile etc, the problem could be traced back to an inadequate water intake.
Most people don’t drink nearly enough water. Drink up!

The best place to store your nail polish?
Don’t store polish in a warm place as the polish will change consistency.
Contrary to popular belief, it is a good idea to store it in the refrigerator.

What to do about brittle nails?
The most common nail wreckers are harsh detergents and water, which can stress nail fibers. So be sure to put rubber gloves on while you clean or do dishes.
Also, avoid using perfume lotions that usually contain alcohol if your nails are brittle. It will only make your nails worse.
It may be possible that your calcium intake is low, as well.

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Know more about your nail (5)-Food affect nails?

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Nutritional Steps to Healthy Nails:
What you eat will reflect on the health of your nails, too.

Lack of vitamin A and calcium causes dryness and brittleness.
Lack of protein, folic acid and vitamin C causes hang nails.
White bands across the nails are caused by protein deficiency.
A lack of sufficient hydrochloric acid can cause splitting nails.
Insufficient intake or vitamin B12 can lead to excessive dryness, very rounded and curved ends and darkening of nails.
Insufficient zinc can cause development of white spots on the nails.

Cuts and cracks in the nails may indicate a need for more liquids.
Red skin around your cuticles can be caused by poor metabolism of essential fatty acids.

Here are the guidelines to follow for improving the health of your nails:
Eat a diet composed of 50% fruit and raw vegetables in order to supply necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Eat foods rich in sulfur and silicon, such as broccoli, fish and onions. Include foods rich in biotin such as soy, brewer’s yeast and whole grains.
Drink plenty of water and other liquids.

You may supplement your diet with royal jelly, spirulina or kelp, which are rich in silica, zinc and B vitamins and help to strengthen your nails.
Drink fresh carrot juice daily, this is high in calcium and phosphorus and is excellent for strengthening nails.
Eat well and your whole body will be better, healthier, & more beautiful

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