Short Hair Look

January 15, 2008 at 10:16 pm (Let's Discuss)

sub_photo_01m.jpg A cute, bouncy medium-length hair style. The honey-colored yellow-based color gives hair a bright, active look, and also brightens up your face too! This style is finished using Hair Wax applied to the ends of hair in sections to add shape. It’s also great because it makes the face appear smaller, with the ends of hair flicked out at the bottom.

sub_photo_01b.jpg sub_photo_01s.jpg To achieve that look…normal wax product is handy to style & hold the shape.

Step 1: Flip out the ends of hair whilst blow-drying by hand. The secret to getting this style to hold is to blow-dry the hair in a semi-dry state.


Step 2: After blow-drying the sides, take a small amount of Hair Wax and rub it onto your fingers. Lightly tug small sections of hair ends with wax to give hair some movement.


To re-touch when hair is messy, avoid using comb. Slightly style the hair & edge with a fingers (slightly dam the hand before touch-up)

Note: use sparely on wax, do not comb the hair with wax. Trick is minimal touch of wax at finger tips.


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