Mask Tried – Green Tea Peppermint (Kitoko Kalami)

December 22, 2007 at 11:03 pm (Let's Discuss) (, , )

Green Tea Peppermint, Kitoko Kalami (made in Taiwan)


  • Green Tea oil, Borneol, peppermint oil, Aloe moisturing factor and more. 

Location Found: Most Stores,Lee Hua, Singapore

Price: $10.00 (3sheets)


Mask: Covers quite well, with rooms still avaliable to cover my nose area and my chin. It comes with a sheet of plastic so its more obvious to which side the mask suppose to be used, as the texture seems to be more fine than the other side. 

Essence: when open, mask is not too wet thus not too much of dripping issue thus still acceptable. where else the smell of the essence is very soothing and plesant, best of all, i don’t get the sticky feeling on my hands.

After used: look moisture after peeling. Essence not sticky, easily blend & dry after a few minute of massage on face. Didn’t work as expected of glow nor shine except that it did promise of cooling & controlling of oil.

Plus: I love the feeling when i lay the mask on my face, the texture of sheet actually makes me feel “covered securly” like a layer of silk, almost can’t feel the existance beside the soothing and calm feeling at that moment.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


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