Eye Relieve Instant

December 16, 2007 at 5:40 pm (Let's Discuss) (, , )

**Learn this from a TV show & it really work.**

Have Problems when you wake up in the morning  & find yourself looking really haggard or tired. Yet you have that special date you have been looking forward with that hunk.

Sometimes what makes you look horrible is around those puffy eyes or little wrinkles that make you look horrible. Here is a tips where you can get the instant glow back with the sparkle back in your eyes.

step1: clean your face.

No good make up is workable if you never take good care of your skin. well cleanse of skin does helps alot even for good make up.

steps2: apply eye cream

Eye cream may be useful at this cruical situation to give your eye the glow back.

But please be generous. apply a thick layer around the area for fine lines.[end of eyes & below eyes]. Make sure you really covers them.

Note= do not try on the upper lid of eyes, i realise it makes my eyes abit puffy, may due to reason that eye lid does not have much muscles thus too rich 

steps3: toner

in this rescure moment, toner helps not by cleaning your eye cream, but they are here to make sure your thick layer of cream is being used to thier maximum.

Soak cotton pad (or facial pad) with soothing toner (instead of normal alcohol toner). Lay them over those eye cream. Please be careful that they don’t get into your eyes.

steps4: wrap

these little useful tools in the kitchen can sometimes be useful for you…

wraps (or polyethylenes) which are handy for food handling and wrapping is use for a reason to retain all moisture of the eye cream & toner that you have applied on.

Tear a new piece (please use a clean sheet & don’t reuse them) & cover them over the cotton pad which you had over the eye area.

steps5: let them soak

The skin around the eye area is drinking the water right now…. Let them soak for about 10minutes. TV shows suggested to leave it on for more than that. But i personally think its way too long as its way too rich for my skin. Don’t want to get “you pou” in the end.

steps6: rinse or moist again?

The cream suppose to dissapeared by now as the skin has obediently adsorb all of them.

There is no need to rinse or wipe after that.

Your eyes should look Sparkling & glowing by now…. & you are looking great.


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