How to have perfect curl_4

December 8, 2007 at 12:18 am (Let's Discuss)

step5: styling

style_1.jpgUse fingertips to take out a 20 cent coin amount of Hair Wax. Pls do not take too much at one time

Spread wax evenly on palms until fingertips and in between fingers

style_2.jpgRemove velcro rollers after 10mins. Spread some Hair Wax evenly on hands and crunch curls on palms

style_3.jpgWith the remaining wax, use it to arrange the fringe. Pinch the hair to create natural groupings and flow

style_4.jpgBlowdry hair randomly and run fingers softly through waves for a loose feel

Tips: To finish off, use hair dryer to scatter the hair groupings slightly. Do not attempt using comb.

[credit: Lucido Japan Hair Stylist]


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