How to have perfect curl_1

December 4, 2007 at 10:35 pm (Let's Discuss)

This is 1 useful demo that teaches step by step on how you can perfect your hair with nothing more than a Tong & some hair-spray.

step1: section your hair

section_1.jpg section_2.jpg

Divide hair into sections; 1 in front (except fringe), 1 on crown, 2 at sides and 2 at back, leaving only 1 layer at the nape. Twist and secure each section with a clip. Further divide the layer at nape into 4 sections.

step2:curling for the nape (*back of neck)

curl_1.jpg Spray Pre-Curl Water evenly on each section of hair. Spray 2-3 times at the roots, mid section and ends of each section.

curl_2.jpg To bring out shine of desired areas, comb through each section 

curl_3.jpg Starting with hair at the nape, curl hair from mid section onwards in a forward direction (towards face), placing tongs at a diagonal angle. Hold for a few seconds and slide tongs towards ends.

 curl_4.jpg Without releasing tongs, curl hair inwards again from about 3 fingers width from the ends.  Do not curl the ends too much.Hair curling at the nape is done. The loose curls starts from mid section and the ends are naturally scattered.

 tip: Spray Pre Curl Water evenly , Curl hair at nape in a forward direction at a diagonal angle


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